Day one of and 31 inches in girth...without a name...just a big bad young guy. Day
one of King Salmon fishing, I caught a big bad ‘old’ boy. He was real close to the
same size as the day two catch, however, I did not skin him for mounting. Day
two was a catch to mount. My guide was Luke Haman with ‘Alaska Kenai River
Guides’. Catching 2 King Salmon my first two days on the Kenai River in Alaska
was an adrenaline rush that ranked right up there with climbing Kilimanjaro!!! and
bad boy on my wall came to be. My guide was one of the TOP King Salmon
fishing guides in Alaska on the Kenai River and he introduced me to one of the
TOP taxidermist in the country, Paul DeAngelo of ‘Fish Art’. My skin mounted
trophy King Salmon is a true piece of art mounted on my kitchen wall. It is
magnificent!!!!! The stories to match the photos are movie making material. What
world, so I just did...

a little bit.

Dianne Powers